SEO is Base of Digital Marketing

No one can defy the importance of search engine optimization or SEO in digital marketing. It is a core of the online marketing. Those who are into the marketing knows that SEO helps to drive traffic by directly influencing the quality content and frequency of keywords. These are factors help the customers to find your website.


Digital marketing has been its way to become a sophisticated tool with the amalgamation of technology advancements and due to ability of SEO Services Company to capture and use the data. This makes SEO as a turning point in the course of online marketing. Ascend2, a research firm found that, 82 percent of marketers predict SEO will become even more effective, furthermore 42 percent believes it to be growing considerably.


The maximum credit goes to Google as it has dominated the everyday tools for potential consumers as a search engine. People in bulks go for Google whenever they want to find answer to their queries or searching some solutions. It serves as huge database where Consumers perform 63,000 searches per second and marketers just want to be visible when those searches take place. This is reason why marketers prioritize SEO among the most of digital marketing tools. But SEO cannot work alone.

WHY SEO Alone Is Not Enough

For the online marketing success, the role of SEO can never be ignored. As far as driving traffic is concerned, SEO diverts the potential users to find your website. But what if he sees your website, clicks it and then leaves? Getting the organic traffic to your site is not enough. This fact inspires the marketers also focus on important website’s ingredients that stimulate the visitors and turn them into buyers. And craft techniques to generate leads which includes social media campaigns and email addresses, promotional posts that aim to follow potential clients.


Consider the situation in which your product isn’t sold and your does not capture them at first visit. They don’t follow or subscribe or even if they don’t click on your site because your site does not show up the first page of the search results does not show up your site in the first place. The need of hour is this case is to employ the advanced digital marketing techniques such as programmatic buying, paid search and retargeting.


The right use of Paid Search (SEM)

Well SEO is free because it is quite “organic” literally, but SEM is method of paid search in which marketers use paid methods such as pay-per-click ads by getting in front of searchers. Search results page has “Paid search ads” and organic results, yet distinctive due to ads labelling. You will see the ads at the top right side of search results page that show up on your screen when you search on Google.


To use these ads, marketers choose the keywords to target with their paid search. These might be the same keywords you use for SEO, but SEO is extremely competitive. Only a few websites can be at the top of the SEO results, leaving countless others unseen. By using paid search, you can make sure your website shows up even if you don’t have high SEO rankings for a particular keyword.


Marketers focus on keywords for using these ads and select them to target with paid search. These keywords might be similar to ones you use for SEO, but they are very competitive in the case of SEO. Very few websites survived to reach at the top of the SERP among the millions leaving unnoticed. The method of paid search makes sure that your site must show up. In the case when you don’t have the high SEO rankings for a keyword, it takes care of it so that it doesn’t affect your ranking.