Search and You Will Find

These days you probably find yourself saving every email that comes your way, and every email that you send out for that matter. You keep everything “just in case” and when that case finally shows up, you put all of your hope into the Windows Search option. You will quickly come to realize that the default search functions for Outlook may not rise to the occasion. How hard could it be to find that email from last month that was sent over from your boss? For Outlook, it can seem virtually impossible. Here’s where Lookeen steps in.

Lookeen Desktop Search is an add-in that can search through all of your Outlook content. This includes emails, calendar, contacts, and other items. In fact with some changes to the settings it will also search your hard drive. This is where Lookeen really stands out, while it can quickly do very simple searches, it also contains many reporting and filtering tools that will allow you to create more complex searches.

Like all search tools, Lookeen will need to index your inbox or inboxes, and the local folders. This may take a bit of time, so do this right before you step away from your computer, allowing it to index without interfering with your work. Though Lookeen’s indexing capabilities can run in the background with little to no interference. Once Lookeen creates the index, it will refresh it on a schedule, worry not, you can control when this happens as well.

If you are moving from using Windows Search to using Lookeen, you will be pleasantly surprised. Its interface is clean and simple, making your searches less confusing and complex compared to the default Windows search for Outlook. Lookeen’s basic search uses keywords for what you are looking for, and simplicity certainly goes a long way when it comes to your productivity. Lookeen allows search refinement as well after using the keywords. You can refine the searches by date, attachments, or names if necessary.

Lookeen is the perfect search if you are a frequent Outlook user. It is simple but quite powerful and should be considered above many other Outlook search tools. It is also easy to use, letting the most novice of users, pick it up and learn how to use the search options fairly quickly. If you want your month old messages and documents found, Lookeen is the solution you have been waiting for.