Prepping Your Home for a Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings were pretty popular back between your 1950s and also the 1980s. These were affordable, plus they somewhat simple to install. It had been virtually the conventional in homes in those days, particularly in hallways and bedrooms.

Not just were shiny things cost-effective and simply installed, popcorn ceilings were also chosen simply because they easily hid imperfections. There wasn’t any have to lessen any flaws within the ceiling because the sprayed-on material basically covered it. Popcorn ceilings also provide acoustical traits and can keep seem from traveling, and that’s why these were pretty famous bedrooms.

But popcorn ceilings aren’t popular with homeowners and buyers. Actually, popcorn ceilings are actually considered unattractive, that is a big reason many householders happen to be continuously removing them using their homes because the 1980s. Cheap asbestos is frequently present in these components makes removing popcorn ceilings much more important.

If you are like a number of other homeowners available who have popcorn ceilings in your house, you’ve most likely made the decision it’s time to allow them to go. If that’s the case, it’s crucial that you generate professionals within the arena of popcorn ceiling removal to possess these components removed in support of a significantly smoother, more aesthetically appealing finish.

To create this task more efficient, there’s something that you can do like a homeowner to organize your house for popcorn ceiling removal.

Close Off the Floors

Let us face the facts. Popcorn ceiling removal is very untidy. Everything material that’s being crawled off becomes minuscule airborne dust that may get everywhere, as well as your ducts.

Prior to the popcorn ceilings are removed, the floors should be completely covered from permanent. To achieve that, you’ll need thick plastic sheets which are then likely to be recorded lower at each wall therefore the floors are entirely covered. Then, you’ll use contractor paper to include another layer on the top from the thick plastic to ensure that there is no possibility of sliding while working in the region.

The paper can also be placed since it will absorb any moisture that may accumulate in the region. To be able to remove popcorn ceiling material while using scraping method, water will have to be sprayed on the top from the material to melt it. Doing this will turn it into a lot simpler to scrape the fabric off. But spraying water around the ceiling does mean that water will ultimately fall to the floor. By getting paper laid on the top from the plastic sheet, water is going to be effectively absorbed.

Close Up Doorways

To avoid the popcorn ceiling material from making its distance to the hallway along with other parts of your house, you might want to close up any doorways contributing outdoors from the room. This helps to help make the cleanup job much simpler when the material continues to be taken off your ceiling.

Cover Your Furniture

If you are planning to depart the furnishings within the rooms in which the popcorn ceilings are now being removed, you’ll certainly wish to safeguard them all individuals airborne dust.

As a result, it is crucial that you cover every piece of furniture. Wear some transparent plastic sheets and canopy each bit entirely, such as the back. When you do, push each bit from the wall.

You are then likely to take another sheet and canopy these questions second layer, however this next one will cover the furnishings just right in front. The top plastic sheet is going to be recorded towards the wall just over the furniture to avoid any popcorn ceiling material from falling behind the furnishings because it is being removed.

Make certain that both sheets of plastic completely cover the furnishings and go to the underside. By covering your furniture in this manner, any popcorn ceiling material will undoubtedly slide quickly each bit and to the floor, that contains the fabric and protecting your furniture simultaneously.

Gather the required Tools

Once we just pointed out, large sheets of plastic, contractor paper, and painter’s tape (to tape lower the plastic and paper) are necessary to cover the ground and also the furniture within the room in which the popcorn ceiling materials are being removed. But additionally to those products, you will have to gather a couple of other tools to complete the job, including:

• Bucket water – As pointed out above, water is essential to assist soften the sprayed-on material making it simpler to get rid of it. As a result, a water source is going to be needed.

• Garden sprayer – To be able to use the water towards the ceiling, an outdoor sprayer is going to be needed to use water within an even layer over the ceiling, which is completed in patches.

• Utility knife – The fabric will have to be crawled, along with a utility knife is going to be needed to physically scrape the fabric from the ceiling.

• Ladder – To be able to achieve the ceiling, a ladder is going to be needed to assist arrive at the surface when scraping from the material.

• Mix bench – These help to supply a surface where to face when large furniture pieces remain within the room, for example beds. The mix bench could be laid over the bed and affixed to some ladder on every side to supply a surface to face on over the furniture.

While prepping your house for removing your popcorn ceiling materials are certainly useful, the particular job itself ought to be left towards the experts. This task is really a untidy and labor-intensive one, and it’s really a lot harder of computer sounds. Despite the fabric continues to be removed, there will probably be imperfections left out all that scraping. Not just that, but there might be asbestos contained in the fabric, which can make the task much more intricate.

In either case, getting professionals in popcorn ceiling removal can make things a great deal simpler for you personally and can make sure that you are playing only an even, attractive ceiling that does not only looks better, but could even boost the need for your house.

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