Misconceptions Of Solar Energy


We all know solar like the rear of our hands. This is exactly why, if somebody involves us having a crazy myth about solar, we’re more than pleased to write it off.

Here are the most widely used myths we love to to bust:

* Solar does not operate in cold or cloudy places. In the event that was the situation, the majority of Europe could be without power for half the entire year and England might have absolutely no way. All solar needs is Ultra violet light and cold solar power panels really are more effective!

* Solar is hard to rely on. This is among the most typical myths but solar is really much more reliable than your utility company, particularly with off-grid systems which are not impacted by blackouts.

* Solar does not offer the Australian economy. Sure, a number of our solar power panels are made overseas, but a large number of Aussies operate in the neighborhood solar industry – installers, maintenance, sales.

* Solar power panels are extremely high maintenance. False. They haven’t any moving parts, so unless of course there’s been some kind of damage you’ll need checked, or perhaps your regular maintenance (including a yearly clean), your panels should last as lengthy as (or beyond) exactly what the warranty states.

* You need to be wealthy to possess solar. No, you do not. Actually it’s more prevalent for middle earnings earners to possess solar. The great factor about solar may be the lengthy-term financial benefits are worth the energy production.


Alternative Energy appears is the way for the future. It’s increasingly prominent every single day, both in commercial and residential holdings, and countries all around the globe are altering how they operate to use the very best of what they’ve free of charge – the sun’s rays, the wind, and water.

What are the most popular misconceptions about solar power?

1. Solar Power is not a round-the-clock factor. Yes, so solar depends on the sun’s rays to operate and wind power depends on there really being wind. But there are many systems available which have back-ups (they could be operated by another renewable source, or might be gas powered or electric) which will make sure you get the advantages of solar 24 hrs each day, seven days a week.

2. It’s too costly. Okay. We be honest. Getting solar in your home or office does are more expensive than connecting the facility. But over time, you are likely to spend less than your solar set you back. Based on the Clean Energy Council of Australia, with different 3kW system – you will save around $1000-$1200 per year.

3. Solar systems are ugly and reduce the need for your house. This may not be true any longer. There are a variety of systems available which occupy little space in your roof, and still provide full-benefits. Split-systems, for instance can find a small amount of space on the top along with the rest on the floor. So that your home remains searching amazing, however, you get all the advantages of solar.

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