Increasing the efficiency of sales reps

Sales representatives are the persons employed to represent a business and to do the ROI_IncreaseSales10_v3selling. At their best, they can make a business flourish without needing to invest in other resources or utilizing special techniques. However, often times the sales reps have difficulties that slow them down, decreasing their productivity; of course, sales go down when this happens.

One solution to this issue is organizing the tasks. A proper way to accomplish this is by batching them; instead of having a cycle of making a call, leaving a voicemail, sending a follow-up email, etc., all the activities can be grouped by type to make the process a lot faster. For instance, after leaving a voicemail, a number of phone calls can follow it; next, the same amount of follow-up emails can be send, in a bulk. Doing everything in a linear sequence over and over again it’s too time consuming and impractical.

Additionally, maybe some tasks should not be referred to the sales reps in the first place. Administrative duties can keep the sales reps from actually selling, which leads to decrease productivity. Perhaps an administrative assistant can be added to the team, leaving the salespeople to concentrate to their main activities. On top of this, it’s important to consider removing any obstacles that could distract sales reps from focusing on their selling duties, such as making appointments, seeing prospects, and closing business. The more the salespeople can advocate their time to selling-related activities, the higher their productivity will be – and the numbers will clearly show it.

Another option is to use technology to improve efficiency: with this, the sell process will be accelerated, with sells reps spending more hours engaged with the prospects, prioritizing the most impactful assets, amongst other benefits to secure sells reps use of their time and, ultimately, the sales. For example, delivering the right assets at the right time means it will be quick and easy for the sales rep to access, enabling sales to be done anywhere and at any time (for example, from the desk or on their cell phones). These sales enablement solutions are powerful. See the attached infographic.

It’s important to point out the indirect ways of increasing efficiency: encouraging teamwork, and boosting the moral are a couple of ideas. In relation to the first: it has been proven that individuals on a team will get more work done in less time than individuals working on their own. Team members working closely together can support each other, leading to a higher outcome from their combined performance. Better teamwork can be achieved by creating a positive environment, exploiting the members’ creativity and encouraging them to collaborate with each other. Similar concepts can be used to boost the sales reps morale: with good management, a sales person or team will have a stronger morale. As a result, such person or sales team will always outperform one with low morale, getting more work done with fewer resources and better attitude.